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Preview: Guardian Angel Chapter Eight

Here's part of the next chapter of Guardian Angel, which I still haven't finished or thought of a title to. It's unedited, so there are probably a few mistakes here and there. not that any of the other chapters are perfect, I at least run spellcheck on those, lol.

Enjoy. I probably won't be finishing this for a few days... or tomorrow lol. I was  planning to do this a few days ago, but here we are, and I'm doing it now.

Don't read if you don't want to spoil yourself or anything, if that makes sense.


"So you're saying that House has been haunted by Amber?" Kutner was amused to see that the look on Taub's face was not shock, but mere curiosity. He figured that he was used to the idea of ghosts coming down to earth and bothering the living.


"Yeah. He... I don't think he's been sleeping well," Kutner replied, fiddling with his thumbs as he sat on his old sofa. Taub was currently moving around more furniture, placing a coffee table at his feet.


"No wonder he hasn't suspected anything." A grunt hissed through Taub's lips as he pushed a mattress past the couch, heading towards the bedroom. Over his shoulder, he continued, "But Amber wasn't... like you, was she?"</p>Kutner shook his head at nothing and said, "No, she was more like... Like, you know, one of those spirit guide kind of things. Yet another ghost stereotype. Didn't change at all, though I think she was more content being free... free as a spirit, I guess.""That's... interesting," Taub yelled in response, his voice distant and strained. He sounded occupied, so Kutner stood and walked over to his old bedroom. He leaned against the doorframe and raked his eyes across Taub's flushed, unkempt form, his shirt untucked with a tie slung over his shoulders. Taub exhaled lowly, placing his hands on his hips, admiring the work he finished. In front of him was a wooden bedframe, something way too fancy to belong in his apartment, under a feather mattress. It was also rather large for one person, but he decided not to comment on that."Nice bed," Kutner mused instead, taking a few steps toward it. Taub moved in front of him, blocking his path.


"No way do you get to continue sitting around doing nothing," he protested, extending his arms away from his body to form some sort of barricade, "If you can make me coffee, then you can at least help me unpack some things." Taub pointed at a dresser adjacent to the bed and waved his other hand to the pile of boxes sitting in front of it.



Kutner pouted at him, hoping to avoid the work, but Taub shook his head at him. "You can't feel pain, so you shouldn't complain about this."


"Doing work is painful enough," Kutner whined. Taub clicked his tongue, waggling a finger at him. Sighing exaggeratedly, he set about to his work, refusing to let Taub forget about the huge injustice he had caused.




"Come on, I dare you," Kutner urged, sitting cross-legged on Taub's new bed. He was staring at him bright-eyed, leaning on the heels of his palms as he inclined his head forward for an added effect.


Taub scowled at him. There was no way in hell that he was going to wear his clothes, even if he was "triple-doggy-dared" to. "I would look ridiculous, not to mention unprofessional."

 Kutner frowned at that, slumping his shoulders at the statement. "Hey, I could pull it off. Just wear your labcoat over it, that'll keep you looking somewhat proffesional."


"You're a whole different story," Taub replied, joining the apparition on his bed. He stared at his feet as he added, "Besides, your shoes are a size too big."


Perking up into an upright position, Kutner grinned at him, happy that he was even considering the idea. "Suck it up, then. I don't think you'll be running around much, anyway. Just... Do it. Please?"

God no, I hate that tone... Taub thought to himself, obviously distressed. Kutner leaned over, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. He could feel him shiver above him, probably relishing in a rush of his supposed warmth. Kutner's lips were right beside his ear, brushing against the cartilage as he whispered huskily, "Come on, Chris. Do it. Do it for me."


Closing his eyes, Taub leaned slightly into his touch, mumbling, "Do you really want me to do it that badly?"


"Yes... I think it'll be awesome."

Oh yeah, it sure is hard to argue with those words. Taub rolled his eyes, caving. I guess it can't do that much harm... Right? House does it all the time. "Fine, I'll do it."

"Yay!" Kutner exclaimed, practically squealing with delight. Taub's lips twitched into something close to an amused smile, feeling a little lighter knowing that he was the one who had caused the face-splitting grin on the apparition's face. He knew he would regret it once he got to work, but, as he looked into smiling brown eyes, he figured that it wouldn't be so bad.





Taub tugged nervously at the collar of the striped shirt hanging loosely on his shoulders, feeling out of place as he stood in his best friend's clothes. He examined his appearance in the mirror and decided that he looked like an old man trying to be young again.


"Don't worry about it so much, Taub," Kutner said, his voice an attempt at something soothing, "I don't think you look bad. I know this isn't your kind of thing, but variety is the spice of life, you know?"


Taub's lips quirked into a disapproving frown. The clothes were a tad loose on him, as Kutner was a bigger person than he was, but they were laden with Kutner's smell, which was a plus. He had folded the bottom of the jeans so that he wasn't dragging them on the floor and the sleeves on shirt he was wearing was also rolled up to his elbows. Tilting his head, he stared at the mirror a while longer, feeling small.


"Look," Kutner began, lacing his arms across Taub's shoulders, "You're doing this, okay? You're going to be late for work if you keep fussing about it, anyway." Tracing a finger across his chest, he added, "Besides, I think you look se-exy."


A brief period of silence fell before they both burst into laughter.



"Oh god, you are not allowed to use that word when describing me anymore," Taub said, ignoring the small shadow of the ghost reflected in the mirror. He turned to grab Kutner's hands, the apparition still chuckling softly.


"You may not think that you're not good looking," Kutner replied, sobering a bit, "But... Let's just say that jumping you doesn't sound like a bad idea..."


Kutner leaned in to nip at his neck as Taub bit back a laugh. "K-Kutner, stop it. You already said that I was going to be late for work."



Grinning, Kutner released him, hanging onto his hand as the man picked up his labcoat and his bag. They walked out of the apartment together, Taub pausing to lock the door.



"You... need to work on your... bedroom talk, Kutner," Taub mused, smiling smugly as he walked to his car. His hands fit snugly into the pockets of Kutner's jeans, which were comfortable to walk in now that he thought about it. No wonder Kutner used to dress like this all the time. And House, too.


Kutner rolled his eyes. "That may be true, but if I had my body back, it probably wouldn't take too much to get into bed with you."


Sliding onto the leather seat of his car, Taub bit his lip. "...Probably."






"That's an interesting method of dealing with grief," House commented as Taub walked into the conference room. "And I thought that Foreman was the only one who broke into other people's things."



Foreman gave the diagnostician a heavy glare, eliciting a small smile from his lover sitting beside him. His lips twisted into a lopsided scowl, but the shorter doctor garnered more attention than the usual snark of the limping man leaning against the whiteboard. The neurologist tipped his head at Taub and said, "Ignoring that last part, I have to agree with House. Why are you... wearing Kutner's clothes?"


"They say that as if they don't remember what I said to them a few days ago," Kutner stated, his voice filled with a mxture of amusement and irritation.


"I... Lost a bet," Taub replied, a small smirk playing at his lips. He glanced briefly at Kutner, who smiled at him in response.



"With who?" Thirteen asked, genuinely interested. She gave Taub a once-over, nodding to herself. "It definitely is not like you to wear clothes like this, that's for sure."



Taking a seat, Taub dropped his chin into his palm, looking over to Kutner again.


"Just tell them," Kutner urged, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. "They better have remembered what I said to them."


Taub resisted the urge to lift an eyebrow at him, follwoing the apparition's gaze. he was confronted with the icy blue eyes of his boss, which were clearer than he last remembered them to be.



"Kutner wanted me to wear his clothes," Taub stated, folding his forearms on the glass table. "I heard that he greeted you all yesterday."



Thirteen's mouth opened with a quiet pop, her eyebrows rising as realization dawned on her. "So that's what he meant when he... Hmm."



Foreman sent her a look, wondering what she was talking about. The brunette nudged him and made a rectangle in the air with her fingers before making a scribbling motion with one hand. He seemed to understand what she meant, his brow furrowing in contemplation.



"So it's true then," House mused, his voice low, "That whole incident with Kutner wasn't a hallucination."



"You actually saw him?" Thirteen asked, tilting her head at the older doctor. He nodded solemnly. "Huh. All I saw was the writing he put on those napkins."


"Hey, could you pass me some paper or something? I want to tell her something," Kutner asked, prodding his shoulder with his chin.


"You know what, I could just tell them myself if you want," Taub replied, ignoring the look he received from his co-workers. From the corner of his eyes, he could see Thirteen lean over and whisper into Foreman's ear, their eyes shamelessly trained on the doctor seemingly talking to himself.


He could tell that Kutner was staring right back at them, his voice occupied as he said, "You know what... nevermind. I think I'll just let them work this out themselves."


Taub smiled complacently, leaning back into his chair as he observed the curious faces of his coworkers, knowing that they wanted to know just exactly what the ghost was saying. They probably want to know how he's here as well. But even I don't know that much.



Turning to House, he saw the diagnostician open his mouth to speak, leaning forward on his cane, but something distracted him. Cuddy popped her head through the doorway, much like the day before, and commanded them to go to the clinic as there was no case so far. Her gaze lingered on House longer than it needed to be before she left in a fit of clicking heels.



Taub frowned, as excited about clinic duty as the rest of the team. Laughter rumbled through Kutner's chest pressed against the back of his skull, sending a small, pleasant buzz down his spine. He looked at the door long enough to see Wilson walk up to the door, throwing his head back to check for the administrator who had just left, almost nodding to himself as he opened the door. The oncologist lifted an eyebrow at House, beckoning him to join him at his office. House seemed pleased to have Wilson himself come to the office instead of him just barging in, limping out of the conference room after him.



Taub glanced at Thirteen, who seemed to be watching the small, silent exchange curiously. She pursed her lips and whispered to Foreman before departing for the clinic.



"God, this feels like yesterday," Taub muttered, feeling the slight pressure lift from his shoulders as Kutner took a seat beside him.


"Except the tension between House and Cuddy seems to have shifted. He seems less concerned about her now," Kutner replied, scooting his chair closer to Taub so he could lean his head on his shoulder. "In fact, he seems... Relaxed. I wonder what happened?"


They exchanged glances, mirroring smiles as Taub said, "Wanna go check them out?"


"Took the words right out of my mouth."




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