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Art (OMG!!!one!1one!1eleven1!)

Yes, that's right, I have some arts pour toi. Amazing, I know. I'm only putting the shit I haven't posted on DA 'cause I haven't colored these yet, though I'm only planning on coloring one of them. Yay.
Have some Taubner nomming and video games!!!! Giant Images below unfortunately. I have issues with my scanner.

Yay for blurry pics with horrible anatomy! When I drew this, I had a different pose planned, then my pencil betrayed me, etc... [/old excuse] Oh well. One of my early pics of teh beautifool Kutner.
A little newer yay. With a fresh top!Kutner, we have a makeout-against-the-wall pic, showing just how damn short Taub is lol(his feet don't touch the ground!!!!). He secretly enjoys it, though. 8D Fail hi top Chucks for Kutner as well.