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In Honor of Lawrence Kutner

...On this day of the Kutnerfest opening, I take time to remember all my good times with this young sir, watching him light patients on fire on my led screen. Though I can't exactly remember that episode. Damn my memory.

But I do remember sometime during the Games when I watched with my oldest sister, I had pointed to Kutner and said, "I like the guy with the big nose." My sister pointed to Taub instead and said, "Do you mean the old guy?" And I, thinking that she had pointed at Scooter or whatever his name was, said, "No, the other guy with the big nose, and he's not the old guy." Wow was I good at names. With fourty participants, it's hard to get all their names, ehh? Lucky for me, there was Thirteen. And CTB. But House didn't use Kutner's name a lot, usually former foster kid if anything.

I liked him because he was brown. Well, he was just... cool. He wasn't cold or sarcastic or extremely bitter or... old. And I do admit that my recent obsession with him came from his sudden death, which was spoiled for me by a classmate's fucking facebook status (damn basketball being on Mondays... But Rogers on Demand is a blessing) which I heard from my sister who oddly has that classmate on Facebook as well. (same sister here. My family is forgetful when it comes to daily routines... weird)

Kutner is just easy to like. From his cuteness with the Secret Santa to that time when House was all like "TOTALLY NOT MISSING WILSON, ARE YOU?" in the... morgue, I think and Kutner is just "OKAY WE GET IT- time to be a doctor now, kthnxbai" to the standing up for that fat kid to being all buddybuddyorphan with that girl who killed her brother and wearing fricking Chucks to work. (though he also wears new balance as well, which I give love to, too <3) There is also him being friends with Taub and saying that his nose goes well with his face or something and when he was being superstitious and also when he was all "The guy with the insulin was YOU wasn't it?" with Taub, and when he said "I love you?" to House (I think that's what it was... Damn bad memory) and the Harry Potter thing (even though I haven't actually read Harry Potter before, that's pretty epic) and... being Skutner and, uugh, there's just so much stuff to post! I'll think of other things later.

He was just a break from crazy, misanthropic old men and other, younger yet still somewhat old oncologists who blow dry their hair and an administrator who's losing her balls and a woman with a very angular face who has HUNTINGTONS OH NOES and a House wannabe and a pretty blonde who used to be all prim and proper and finally a woman who is not naturally blonde. Yes, I didn't mention Taub because I love him too much and he's not tiring at all. Except for maybe when he was pissed at House and being all PMSy about it, but that's okay, really.

The only complaint I have about Kutner is that he died waaaaay too early. I wanted to know more about his life as an adopted kid and shit like that. Or at least to be able to see more of his character. I'm happy for Kal Penn, really, but, but, but... Ugh. They could at least like, not killed him so that maybe he could have come back later...? Or so at least my write-able OTP wouldn't have been shot down so easily. The suicide was maybe-kinda-sorta a little OOC and sudden, which was sad and annoying at the same time. But Season Five was kinda fail anyway. Well... The whole forced-down-your-throat Huddy and Cuddy's character going down the drain. But that's why the Internet and DVDs were made, huh?

Kutner is dearly missed and his body is being abused by delirious fans in fic. Like me. But it just means we love him that much, doesn't it?