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XS Art

Yeah, so I try to draw these guys and Rai goes right down the drain. Sigh. The only monk I haven't drawn yet is Clay, Omi went surprisingly well for a doodle, and I still really want to draw Wuya. I'll get to her... eventually.

Below I have three things: Two sketches of the pages I have dedicated to characters (so far I only have two out of... 2 out of 6) and another sketch of Rai and Jack fighting. Which isn't so fail, but I need to look up what the Sword of the Storm looks like. And the Monkey Staff. Grr.
Big, big images taken from a camera. Looooow quality.
Edit: Nevermind. Shrunk them down a bit when I uploaded them lol. But it still might be big if you have a small screen, so too bad.

xiaolin showdown
I don't think Rai looks too messed up here. Side profiles give me an easier time when I draw his hair lol. I would have inked it already if it weren't for the fact that I have no idea what the sword of storms looks like. Or the monkey staff for that matter. When I look it up I will draw it and I will finish this pic, I swear to god.

xiaolin showdown

This is so blurry. I have really shaky hands and it really shows here. Damn. And I think some parts of the image got cut out when I took the photo. Fuck. Anyway, pae dedicated to Jack Spicer. In the middle he's wearing the uniform in my fic's AU, as a private university if such a thing exists. Probably. The colors coordinate with the monk in training robes, mostly.
Text says (from top-left image going clockwise): "I will rule the world!" "Why so skinny?" "Shut UP, Rai!" "(I don't remember what the frankenstein looks like)" "Challenge me? HA!"

xiaolin showdown

Surprisingly I like Kimiko. She's pretty, if a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes. She's also the girl that most people pair Rai up with, which downgrades her for me, unfortunately, but I enjoy drawing her. And writing her. Sort of. Colors like above, if there were any.
(And I seriously swear she stands like that in the show. Seriously.)
And if it isn't obvious, I am a lazy ass who doesn't want to bother drawing her in anything besides the monk robes lol
Text says (from top-left image going clockwise): "Do you really, Clay?" "Goo Zombies?" " "She totally stands like this." "Hand me that brush, will you, Clay?" "Look at my diary, huh, Rai?"

Lol most of Kim's picture text is in a question form.