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So yeah. I want a scanner SO BAD. Because my tablet is retarded and draws extremely straight lines. Also got GIMP. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay. And it's pretty good. Got some brushes and all that. Need to work on my digital shading, though. Pencil crayons: pressing harder for shadows lol.
 Oh well, I just have to practice I guess. It just makes me have to use a combo of my mouse and my tablet, which is fail 8\ Makes lineart take a very long time to look decent lawl. And so here is the fruit of my labor, after messing around a bit.

So this is Artemis Skye (who has a very original name and color scheme)and cause I'm feeling lazy I think I'll just copy and paste my deviantart description.
A character from my comic that I made up about a year ago but haven't started yet.
But yeah. Pretty. Rather opposite than her greek counterpart, who I think doesn't have sex? I dunno. But this Artemis is one of the negotiators and information hunters. She and her partner Apollo will say and do anything that might help them get the information they need, which means that she will have sex with anyone to do it. She and Apollo are both kinda sorta bisexuals that way, but it doesn't always mean that she likes it. (Though it's sex, who doesn't like sex?)
Sometimes she wears wigs if the target likes people with certain kind of hair. And she and Apollo aren't siblings.
She always reminds her co workers about this. They have casual sex a lot, actually, and although she doesn't know it, Apollo is in love with her.