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Art Dump

Because I feel that this journal deserves some more art. Multi-fandom dump for y'all.

This has to be one of my only colored/finished pics of Jack. Seriously. I will amend that once I finish coloring this pic I inked last night waiting for my sis to get off my comp.

One of my favorite scenes from Moral Orel. The last part of Honor, with the fail "I love you... Orel."

My favorite character from Moral Orel. Yep yep. With his Oedipus complex and everything.

harvest moon,gill,tree of tranquility
My ship, manufactured mostlt by me. Ivan, you son of a bitch.


My two gay boys. Made for aesthetic purposes mostly, I could write their fic, but that would be another distraction and it's been a while since I've really worked on RtF, so screw it.